Below is the recommended organization for your EE 419/451 oral presentation. Please work with your advisor(s) on the details of your presentation. The presentations will be given on Thursday, 12/2, and Tuesday, 12/7. The schedule for each day will be worked out on Tuesday, 11/30. In addition, the department laptop will be available and the presentations will be given in a room with access to the network. The laptop has Office 97 on it.
  1. Title page with contents of presentation
  2. Project summary
  3. Review of previous work including applicable patents and standards
  4. Detailed project description including:
  5. Functional description (I/O described, modes of operation)
  6. Block diagram (I/O to subsystems, subsystems functions and relation to system function, description or flowchart for software components of systems)
  7. Datasheet (quantitative specs, user interface, proposed tests to verify operation with equipment list)
  8. Preliminary lab work including items such as simulations, analysis, schematics, etc.
  9. Design equations and/or circuit diagrams if applicable
  10. Equipment list
  11. Schedule

Updated: 11/30/99
(c)1999 Bradley University ECET
Project Members: John Kiolbasa, Rob Harding, Jon Kujanski, Greg Harmon
Project Advisors: Dr. Aleksander Olek Malinowski, Dr. Brian D. Huggins