Each group must identify patents, standards, and literature closely related to their senior project and the deliverable must include the following information.
  1. Description of the criteria applied to carry out the patent search and the list of patents resulting from the application of this criteria.
  2. One page information sheets on patents mostly closely related to your project.
  3. List of standards that may be applicable to your project.
  4. Short description of those standards most closely related to your project.
  5. List of references related to your project.
The first draft must be submitted to your DRT by Thursday, 11/4/99, and the final document, with grade assigned by your advisor, is due to me by Tuesday, 11/18/99.

Updated: 10/26/99
(c)1999 Bradley University ECET
Project Members: John Kiolbasa, Rob Harding, Jon Kujanski, Greg Harmon
Project Advisors: Dr. Aleksander Olek Malinowski, Dr. Brian D. Huggins