Telerobotics Senior Project Source Code

Linux 6811 Assembly Language Development Environment

Our code development environment consists of command line utilities to compile 6811 assembly files and download them to the 6811 using it's special bootstrap download mode. In this mode, the processor accepts a program up to 256 bytes in size and places it in RAM on the chip. The small program we load is an S19 file interpreter that will take a program in S19 format sent to the 6811 serial port and program RAM with its data. The chip is switched to expanded mode and execution begins at the beginning of the program.

TJ-Pro Robot Control System - Webbot 1.0a

This system implements the robot control protocol used in out project. The assembly code is written for the 68HC11 processor on the robot, and interprets and executes commands received from it's serial link. The various C utilities send commands to the robot over a serial link. Written by John Kiolbasa and Jon Kujanski.

Video Capture System

The video capture system allows the user to grab a current video frame at any time from any of the video capture device's inputs.

Client Code

The client code allows the user to interact and control the robot with movent buttons and image display.

Server Code

The server communicates with the client on port 6811 and sends commands over the serial link to the robot.