Development Engineers:
Ed Bellinder
Nichole Junge

Supervising Engineer:
Dr. Thomas Stewart

Digital Signal Processing is a widely used technique in the communications industry, to improve the acurracy and reliability of digital signals. Texas Instruments makes several DSP chips, and the one focused on in our senior project is their TMS320C31. Texas Instruments also provides an evaluation board for this chip, so different analog signals can be evaluated by a user. This evaluation board, however, can be improved by the addition of analog and digital inputs/outputs and increased memory. This is where we come in. Our senior project invloves designing an expansion board for the TMS320C31 evaluation board. Currently, the evaluation board has only one analog I/O, limited memory and no digital I/O.

The ultimate goal of the project is to design a product that can be marketed to small businesses and universities. This will involve researching manufacturers to build the boards for us and research on layout packages so we can provide the desired layout and appropriate Gerber files (Gerber is the industry standard for sending data to a photoplotter)of the expansion board to the manufacturer. This is new ground for both of us, because neither of us have knowledge on layout packages or how to use them! The following links will provide more detailed information about the functionality of the expansion board, system and sub-system block diagrams, standards and literature associated with the project and a data sheet.