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High Data Rate QAM Transmitter and Receiver
Emile Semmes
Advisors: Dr. In Soo Ahn and Dr. Thomas Stewart

As the amount of information for multimedia applications increase, so does the necessity of channel bandwidth. Whether the data is to be sent over telephone lines, coaxial cables, or even satellite uplinks, more efficient ways to send the data and reduce bandwidth is needed. This project utilizes one of the more efficient means of transmitting data over a limited bandwidth channel called QAM. QAM (Quadrature Amplitude Modulation) is a method of modulation that combines PM (Phase Modulation) and AM (Amplitude Modulation).

The purpose of this project is to develop a QAM-based transmitter and receiver utilizing a low-cost DSP. This system will be implemented on two Texas Instruments DSKs which use the TMS320C31 floating point DSP. The transmitter performs a variation of QAM that employs an addition pilot signal for synchronization purposes. It also meets a number of specifications designated by the ITU-T V.22bis modem standard. The receiver is specifically designed to retrieve and recover the original transmitted data from the modified QAM signal.

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