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An Autochromatic Instrument Tuner
Craig S. Janus and Robert F. Schmanski
Advisor: Dr. James Irwin Jr.

Implementation of a microcontroller based multi-mode musical instrument tuner. This device assists in the tuning of musical instruments by measuring the period of the fundamental frequency produced by an instrument, comparing it to the period of the nearest standard pitch, and displaying the quantitative relationship between the two in terms of how sharp or flat the instrument is. The fundamental frequency is determined by an analog peak detection circuit that sends a pulse to the 8051 microcontroller for each peak. The microcontroller measures the period of the pulses and searches a table, based upon the lowest octave, for the nearest match. This provides the values displayed to the user. Because of the power-of-two relationship between pitches the table only needs the lowest octave information for comparisons.

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