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Enhanced USENET News Server with a GUI Configuration Utility
Mohan Kokal and Stephen Clark
Advisor: Dr. Donald Schertz

As the Internet continues to expand dramatically on a yearly basis, the need for efficient and timely processing of transferred data becomes a critical issue. It has been estimated, by a number of USENET administrators, that the amount of data transferred across the USENET (also commonly known as "Net News") backbone to each member server was about 2.5 terabytes (2,500,000,000,000 Bytes) for the year of 1997. This figure is estimated to grow at a rate of about 98% per year. The project involves designing a USENET news server that takes this dramatic growth rate into account and works around the problems encountered by currently available servers. The server is written in the C programming language using the Solaris TM threads library to allows for fast and efficient parallel processing. The server also uses a new method of article storage called the Cyclic File System that allows for efficient software and hardware use. One other major component of the project is a JavaTM front-end graphic user interface (GUI) that allows for a user friendly server configuration.

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