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2.4 GHz Voltage Control RF Coupler
Aaron Dietrich
Advisors: Dr. Santiago Navarro and Dr. S.N. Prasad

The recent trend in wireless communications has been to make the end product smaller and smaller. In order to reduce it's size, the individual components' sizes need to be decreased. One component that needs to be made small is a matched variable attenuator. One of the senior projects from last year was a 2.4 GHz matched variable attenuator. The following report describes the research and design of an improved attenuator. The report introduces the attenuator by discussing the attenuator designed last year. A detailed description of the design improvement procedure and the simulation using the software HP-EEsof is presented. The fabrication and testing procedure using the network analyzer is then discussed in the report. Finally, the test results of the improved attenuator are compared and contrasted with the attenuator that was designed and tested last year. 

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