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Voice Encoding Using Digital Signal Processing
Dan Hamilton and David Rockwell
Advisor: Dr. T. L. Stewart

Cellular phone transmission entails sending a voice signal from a cellular phone to a local cell-site which will receive and transmit the appropriate signal elsewhere. With such concise data transmission over great distances, the problem of privacy arises. One method of tackling such a privacy issue is to encode the voice data by essentially reversing the frequency spectrum of the original signal, transmitting it, and re-reversing it at the receiving end. This method of encryption is not particularly complex and therefore not entirely indecipherable to an outside party, but use of a digital signal processor allows for flexibility in altering the encoding strategy. 

For this project the 24-bit Motorola DSP56002 board is chosen to do the processing due to its simplicity when manipulating the code. The actual digital processing done by the DSP chip entails a simple table look-up, multiplication, and IIR filter realization, so calculation is minimum thus ensuring extremely fast data processing. The results from the theoretical simulation of the project will be compared to the actual performance of the DSP board.  

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