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DGPS Software for Navigation
Jason Dossett
Advisor: Mr. Dave Senffner

Everyone uses navigation, whether it be sailing a boat, flying a plane, or just driving a car. Many areas of society would be greatly benefited by a highly accurate method of positioning. The Global Positioning System, or GPS, can provide such a method. Created by the government primarily for use by the military, GPS is a constellation of satellites which can be used to determine position and velocity using triangulation techniques. 

The government, however, intentionally degrades the signal from these satellites using what is known as selective availability. To remove this error, a technique called differential GPS can be employed using a base receiver at a fixed location to determine corrections. Differential corrections can be obtained commercially for a monthly fee or paying thousands of dollars for a base station and software. Software has been written to perform a low-cost highly accurate differential technique by post-processing data from a receiver at a known location and a receiver at various unknown locations.  

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