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Differential Global Positioning Systems
Rick Lister and Keith Crone
Advisors: Dr. Jim Sennott and Mr. Dave Senffner

Accurate navigation has been a concern of man since the first sailors took to the seas. The Global Positioning System (GPS) is the latest navigational tool available. However, there are many sources of error present in this system. These include satellite clock bias, satellite location error, ionospheric disturbance, and multipath distortion. The largest of these error sources, satellite clock and satellite location, are purposely introduced by the military to presumably prevent precise navigation by unfriendly forces and terrorists. Differential GPS, however, allows the elimination these sources of error. Corrections are made in software using the ranging data provided by two separate receivers. The error sources common to both receivers are determined and then removed. Software developed includes the differential correction generator as well as an iterative scheme for updating the corrected position.

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