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The Weather Sentry

Ronald Borowski and Shaun Burnett
Advisor: Dr. W. M. Hammond

The safe and effective application of farming chemicals is dependent upon such conditions as temperature and moisture content of the crop's environment. Our project goal was to create a monitoring system that would serve as a guide to the farmer, and aid in determining the best time to apply chemicals to crops. To be efficient, our monitoring system would have to keep an accurate account of wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, soil temperature, and ambient temperature and display this information to the user. Our system, the Weather Sentry, consists of two units. A remote unit, to be place outdoors in an area under consideration, continually collects the necessary data via its sensors. Meanwhile, a local unit, located indoors, receives the data from the remote unit, processes it, and displays the weather information on an L.C.D. display. While the primary market for the Weather Sentry is the agricultural industry, secondary markets include turf management organizations, private pilots, boaters, and weather enthusiasts. The idea for this weather monitoring device originated in one of the many projects worked on by Bradley's Technology Center.

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