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Fuzzy Logic Environmental Control of a Greenhouse

Robert Parker and Christina Sipes
Advisor: Dr. I. S. Ahn and Dr. D. R. Schertz

Fuzzy logic systems are especially useful in situations which require smooth transition between a number of logic levels. In this application, a fuzzy logic system is used to control heating/cooling, light level, and soil moisture content in a greenhouse. Smooth transitions should provide the plants with a more even growing environment which makes them grow better. The heating/cooling system will use a temperature transducer sensor circuit to measure the present temperature. The greenhouse heating/cooling system will be modeled by a heating cone and muffin fan for heating and a large single speed fan for cooling. Amount of light over time will be monitored by a light sensing circuit using the CL502L photoresistor. When necessary, light level will be increased using an artificial light source. Soil moisture will be measured using a moisture probe. Moisture will be added using a pressurized water tank connected through a shutoff valve to a misting nozzle. The entire system will be implemented using an MC68HC11 microcontroller and FIDE, a fuzzy logic software development tool.

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