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Fuzzy Logic Control of An Inverted Pendulum

Brett Janson and Delia Marchosky
Advisor: Dr. I. S. Ahn

Fuzzy logic is an algorithm which attempts to give a control system a "human" manner of control. Traditional control methods may be fast and accurate at controlling a wide range of systems but often lack abilities to cope with changing environments. Fuzzy logic based control systems are an alternative to conventional control methods like PID or LQG controls. The major advantage of the fuzzy logic is in the ability to handle instability and/or non-linearity in dynamics. In the project, a fuzzy logic controller is implemented using the MC68HZ11 micro-controller. With the help of the software package FIDE, a fuzzy logic algorithm is generated and translated to machine readable codes for the micro-controller. The control signal is generated by the micro- controller and amplified before it is applied to maintain the pendulum upright and the cart centered.

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