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A Microwave Push-Pull Distributed Amplifier
Gary Brubaker
Advisor: Dr. S. N. Prasad

The design of a microwave push-pull distributed amplifier using GaAs FET transistors will be presented. The amplifier is designed to be constructed as a hybrid microwave circuit. The circuit will use an alumina substrate for the microstrip interconnections, and the FET devices are constructed on a GaAs substrate. The s-parameters of the FET device have been de-embedded from composite measured s-parameter data provided by Northrop Corporate. Utilizing this data, the input and output admittances are determined, and the device input and output capacitances are computed. The unit and output circuitry depends upon these capacitances values. These circuits are designed to provide simulated transmission lines which must have similar cutoff frequencies. The design and performance has been simulated using EEsof Libra and Academy software packages.
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